A “Meer” 50 kilometres

Three weeks into the run now, back in the Netherlands for the third and final time  before pushing into Germany next week.

Running diagonally towards Denmark and Scandinavia I’ve been crossing the Belgium and Netherlands border on a daily basis, often not sure which country I’m in until I say thank you to someone and realise I’m not receiving a strange look for my silly pronunciation alone, but rather its the wrong phrase all together!

Its going well overall, the clearly marked cycle lanes next to all the roads out here makes running a breeze, compared to running on the UK main roads, it’s incredibly safe and means you can pretty much switch off from the traffic, a much welcomed relief.

Im feeling stronger, finding it easier to make my target miles most days, and finally managing to sleep in my tent, stealth/wild camping (camping without permission and leaving before being discovered in the morning) takes some getting used to, and by its very nature is fairly scary, but realistically you get a feeling for where to camp after a while and the worse you can expect is to be disturbed by a dog walker, or an less than pleased/confused farmer in the morning. Camping near urban areas especially at the weekend is a bit more risky.

Today I’m sorting out my electronics, and data bundle issues, my PowerTraveller solar panels and batteries work great but being in a rush and never being one for reading the instructions, I’d left important parts of the cable system in the box in the Uk meaning I could only ever charge 1 USB device at a time, not useful when every device is USB powered by design.

So charging my phone for mapping has taken nearly all my juice each day, powering a data connection on the second phone and ipad hasn’t been possible most days.

Now I have the correct cable systems I can look forward to using the PowerTraveller tools to their full potential, giving me more than enough power to update my blog regularly and finally listen to some music while running, 500 miles of running with nothing to listen to but your own thoughts is a lot tougher than listening to a few good albums each day!

Ran through a little village named Meer the other day, it had the 50km speed limit sign next to the village sign.

A great coincidence as I’d started to realise that most days I see the 50km sign several times a day, on my mission to run 50km each day!  Running 50km a day is no “Meer” feat so I grabbed a photo!

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  1. Can’t imagine how lonely you must be and how you get used to the wild camping and making sure you sleep and eat enough. Good news that you can now update us more often, good luck with the run and stay safe.

  2. Great going Kevin!! Little confused about yr little cart, on the photo it looks more like thes babycarts 😉
    How’ re the shoes holding up?

  3. Kevin, enjoying your updates very much. Sounds like you’ve been able to find a rhythm in the last few days. Good news about the additional cable also. Your cart looks completely different in the photograph of the ‘Meer’ sign; are you pulling two carts around?!

    I’ve told some of my mates about your mission, and they agree that you’re mad, but are now following your progress!

    Be safe, Matt.

  4. Hi Kevin you are doing fab .well done I’m also a bit confused about you cart it’s not the one you started out with.have you brought a new one ?

  5. Hi Kevin,

    We are all right behind you – no seriously we are all WAY behind you!! Gag.
    When I read your story I was inspired to get running again after a year getting fat! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Take it easy – oh no chance of that eh.

    Cheers Andrew

  6. Well done Kevin , so proud of you , your doung so well so keep up the good work ! Hope the new 3 wheeler is making life easier for you . Take care thinking of you
    Katherine & rich – RB engineering

  7. keep up the hard work Bev! We are all sooo proud of you!!! & the boys keep asking after their uncle Kevin. Hope you are looking after yourself, love you loads xxxxx

  8. Great to hear you are going strong, we are all keeping up with your achievements, keep going. All the best from a little sailing club in southampton x

  9. Hi Kevin

    Great post today—glad you’re feeling good. Working on perfecting the bacon butty and will have succeeded by the time you reach Denmark. Let me know what vaccinations you need and I’ll sort it. And if there’s anything else, just let us know—we’ll do what we can.
    Keep chasing that stag—all the very best—Carol and Soeren

  10. Good to read the updates. We have two Spanish students staying for a month and its a job to get them up to the Rock – they can’t believe what you are doing.

  11. Tess and I have caught up on your route most evenings since u left. It’s been fun to follow your progress. We tried to find you on the A30 on our way back to London on the first day but missed u somewhere on Haldon and were already worried re u getting mown down! Borris Johnson should be PM when u get back and he will have created Dutch style cycle lanes everywhere for your return! Keep up the good work. Rory, Tess, Henry, Tom and Heidi.

  12. Hi Kevin

    Excellent going, keep the 50 focus and soon your have music in your head!
    For all you confused people regarding Kevs cart, he had a change. The cart he had was too valuable to leave around rough camping and even simple toilet stops, leaving the cart was causing a problem. However all not wasted as last I heard the cart was being shipped out to Aus to be used by Kevin out there. Look forward to your next blog Kev.


    • Hey Jol, yes the original cart is being modified and then shipped to Australia, where my life will literally depend upon it, as it’ll be carrying my own weight in water at certain times over the desert. In Europe i need to carry much less water though so I can get away with the much smaller baby-running stroller which fits though doorways etc rather than having to leave it outside shops and hope its not being tampered with or stolen.

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  14. Hi Kevin
    Great to hear all the news. Hope you’re enjoying still.
    Thanks for info on cart – it’s all interesting stuff! Keep it up.

  15. Hey Kevin

    Welcome to Denmark! If you don’t have other plans, come and stay with us— 1 km from your ‘site’ route and 6 km from the ferry to Sweden. Our GPS coordinates are:

    56.001225 12.542693

    Keep on running.

    All the best – Carol and Soeren

  16. just a stranger here reading your blog. Good luck man, surely sounds like an epic journey! So funny that ‘Meer’ in Dutch actually means ‘more’ :)

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