How to run the world?

The main goal is to become the first athlete to circumnavigate the globe on-foot, my secondary goal is completing the run as fast as I possibly can.

OK, so How?

My aim is to cover a daily average of 32miles/50km, meaning that days off for injury/unforeseen circumstances as well as easy/rest days need to be accounted for.

At present my steady/easy pace in training is 7-7.5mph, as my aerobic base continues to grow and my weight drops this pace will increase significantly for the same low effort (HR 120bpm) leading to ‘easy’ speeds of 8.5-9mph.

As soon as I harness up the rickshaw/trailer those number fly out of the window!

Carrying/towing the rickshaw+equipment+food+water slows my average pace to just 4.5mph (without stops) on long flat,easy-rolling sections I may hit 5-6mph for extended periods, but as soon as I hit an incline the speed nose dives at an incredible rate.

Overall for planning purposes I’ve based timings/schedules around a very conservative 4.5mph average pace.

34miles/4.5mph = 7hr’s 46mins a day

34 miles is only 2 more miles per day than the average of 32 I wish to maintain, however every 16 days – I’m a full day ahead of myself, or put another way I’m gaining roughly 2 days each month.

If I’m i’ll/injured after say 3 months – I can afford to lose a whole week and only be one day behind schedule – 2 miles a day soon adds up over 18+months!!

Possible schedule: (actual routines will be determined by temperature/availability of food/availability of wi-fi access, weather conditions…. etc etc).

5.30am Breakfast

6am 4 Hours run

10am Large meal

11am Sleep

1pm Large (but easy digesting) Meal

2pm 3hrs run

5pm Large meal

6pm update twitter/Facebook/blog/emails etc

8pm Large Meal

9pm Video Diary+video edit/newsletter

10pm Sleep

wake up & Repeat.

The above is very simplified and there is much more to fit into each day such as foam rolling/stretching/acupuncture etc to maintain tissue health, food shopping, finding & purifying water, finding safe places to wild-camp, finding fuel, finding ways to wash, editing video footage, backing up & sending home video files. Sending home .GPX data files to verify tracking of event. Looking after damaged feet/blisters/dead nails etc.

In practice I will likely make every 10th day an ‘easy’ day where I drop the number of hours considerably – for mental rejuvenation and a chance to catch up on keeping in touch, with both personal emails (friends and family) and newsletter, blog, video editing for the ‘live’ follow along documentary, delivering Skype-video presentations to Schools & Colleges,  downlaoding new Spotify play lists (going to work through a ton of music on this run!).


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