In Bruges

I’m writing this blog in a cafe in Bruges, Belgium. Today, I’m taking advantage of Wi-Fi access in order to update blogs, check the route ahead and to try and configure a few things which I need for the rest of the trip.  I’m trying to improve the map of my run so I can share more detailed logs of my runs with daily mileage, and also adding the JustGiving link to my website so that people can start to donate.

Belgium is very cycle/pedestrian friendly on the roads, but it is much tougher than France to find food and shops at all, or to find them open! Yesterday I ran over 20 miles to find a shop that was open, and as for getting rid of food/water, there are literally no public toilets. I ran 33+ miles and saw one toilet when I arrived in Bruges – that was a relieving sight!

As a long distance runner, water consumption is of vital importance. To run in August heat, you need to be able to drink 8 litres of water a day, which means that you can end up spending a lot of time trying to find suitable toilet stops. In built up areas, this is quite stressful! In fact, I sometimes feel as if running is one of the easiest parts of the whole adventure. Finding food, water, internet access, bathrooms and discreet places to camp, oh and finding your way – these all take up so much time that often out of an hour I’m only running 45mins and that’s without resting! So 8 hours of running often takes 10 hours to actually realise!

I’m running stronger now though and looking forward to counting the countries, instead of the counties!

I’m incredibly grateful to all my sponsors, in particular Future Capital Partners, who have afforded me the ability to try this amazing challenge. I have been slow to update my blog, and I haven’t reached social media as often as I would like, something a sponsor could really object to, but FCP have been very supportive and nothing but encouraging which makes a difference when facing such a large scale challenge.

Thank you for reading and showing your support on this blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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