Inov8 minimal running shoes

Inov8 who have long been known amongst fell/mountain runners as some of the best shoes available, their recent move into road running, particuarly minimalist road running shoes hasn’t dissapointed – these shoes are the perfect shoe for trail/fell runners moving into road running, and any runner who wishes to move into transitioning into barefoot/natural running. Kevin Carr

2 thoughts on “Inov8 minimal running shoes

  1. Great shoes, I love them but I seem to go through a pair every couple of months. Running the amount you will I expect you will need 2 pairs a month…

    • Cheers Tim, I find the shoes are good for 1000 miles – I get a few holes appear in the very lightweight mesh over the feet but the soles are barely affected. I will alternate each day allowing pairs to dry/air out which I find really extends their life. I’ll keep you updated on how well they perform, but they are the best shoe I’ve ever ran in.

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