Movember 2013

Now I’ll admit there have been plenty of occasions during the last three months of run, sleep, rinse and repeat, that I’ve not had a clue which day if the week it is.

I’ve also not kept an exact count of every step I’ve taken (approximately five million, three hundred and seventy six thousand so far) although I can tell you what every country I’ve passed through looks like when you experience every inch of it under your own steam, step by step.

Still, I’ve not gotten so carried away in my own alternative world that the month of the year escapes me, you didn’t think I’d forgotten its “Movember” did you? Oh hell no!

It started with my first wet shave of the run in a hotel room in Finland. The results were the foundation of the lesser spotted “Ginger Mo”

It may only have been a little ‘cub’ of a Mo but it was too dangerous to keep in the city, it’d never have made it to maturity, grabbing far too much attention!

Bringing a Ginger Mo into this world isn’t for the faint hearted, there’s a reason they’re so rare.

So we went underground, hiding in the woods of Finland, a Swiss army knife helped me to tend to the Mo’s needs.

Now the Mo was becoming strong and no longer wanted to hide, I couldn’t contain him in the woods, he dragged me to Finland’s capital to parade his rare beauty. It wasn’t enough, the Mo wanted to share recognition!

The lesser spotted Ginger Mo is now about to hit his fourth country inside of three weeks!

Even though Eastern Europe provides a natural habitat for Mos where they’re found year round, in far higher numbers than the Western climate where they hibernate 11months of the year, the lesser spotted Ginger Mo is still as rare as unicorn droppings.

It’s not easy being a sidekick to the Ginger Mo, he grabs inordinate amounts of attention. It can only be a matter of time until a poacher steels him or the fashion Interpol deports him!

Please do the right thing and help make sure this international ginger Mo smuggling operation has not been in vain!

I’m part of the Lucky Seven team fundraising for Movember, raising awareness of the need for men to take male health issues seriously (and check themselves every now and then)!

Please donate here:

Movember – “silly things matter”

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