Starting out

Apologies for not having written anything since I left – going from normal life to life on the road takes some major adjustments!

Thankfully I’m now getting into more of a rhythm and am within range of my target distance most days. Initially, I had a number of teething problems with my trailer, which slowed my progress a little, but my confidence is growing again, if somewhat slowly.

First off, I just wish to give a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who showed up to wave me off and show their support in the blustery rain two weeks ago. It was very emotional for me to realise the start of a dream, and even more so saying goodbye to so many wonderful people.

The first week was difficult. Poor visibility and the narrowness of the roads meant that I had to drag my trailer over a grass verge in the mist, and this meant that I was only managing about 1.5 miles an hour. This was frustrating to say the least.

Taking a day off in Poole, I remapped the route to follow cycle routes marked out by Sustrans, (a charity which aims to encourage people to walk/cycle rather than using cars). This meant taking a much more wiggly route to Dover but that was actually my favourite day of running since I set off with friends out of Haytor Rocks! Following the cycle route also meant I could focus on things.

Engineering sponsors RB engineering have been fantastic, twice coming out on the road to meet me and make adjustments to kit. The trailer is now having a major overhaul to become a three-wheeler to push rather than pull. Pushing is much easier than balancing the two wheel trailer but it’s also great choosing which side of the road to run on and to balance out the load of the camber on my body. My hours per day to make the miles has gone down from 9.5-11 hours to 8-9 hours – it’s just much more efficient to push than pull.

I would also like to thank my main sponsor, Future Capital Partners, who have been nothing but patient and supportive of me from long before I set out two weeks ago.

I will now try to update this blog much more often, and running shorter days this will be much more manageable.

Thank you for reading and showing your support on this blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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