What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger

Some days just don’t go quite to plan and last Wednesday was definitely one of those days…

I ran on the motorway the day before, which was very unpleasant, as I’m sure you can imagine. So I tried to do the right thing by avoiding it, and ended up taking a four mile detour on much quieter and more scenic roads.

The compromise for the peace and beauty was that the roads were very tough going, made up of mostly sand and gravel which is much harder to run on than tarmac.  Then they became very overgrown but at least I wasn’t being squashed by huge trucks!

I had chosen that particular route because, according to my map, it was going to lead me to the only other bridge in the area that crosses the rather large river. After the best part of two hours, I came to an incredibly steep hill for my descent to the river.

I was scared by the hill as I wasn’t sure I could hold the weight of the buggy all the way down or convinced the brakes would work on the exceptionally steep gravel path ahead of me.

After ten sweat-filled minutes, I had slid most of the way down the hill, using my shoes more like skis. Luckily I made it down in one piece!  I then followed the road around the corner to the river and much to my dismay, the ‘invisible bridge’ that had been taken down years ago!

Let’s just say I was not very impressed with the map applications I had been using!

Now, my only option was to tackle the enormous hill again, but this time clambering up it. I strained both my ankle and knee on my left leg, and then had to retrace the last four miles back to the dreaded motorway.

Here I asked a local about how dangerous the highway was for the next 11 mile stretch, and he said there was a cycle path the whole way next to it!

Believe it or not, neither of the two map apps I have been using had indicated this vital bit of detail!  So this meant in the morning it took me 7 hours to do 14 miles then the next 14.5 miles only took 2.5 hours along the motorway…talk about a negative split.

Onwards and upwards for the next leg of my journey!

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