There’s something in those Devon hills!

Is it something in the air or in the water? There’s definitely something about Devon that inspires would be explorers to set their sights on far flung corners of the globe, and then test themselves with incredible feats of endurance.

But more than inspiring its inhabitants, the national parks of Devon provide the perfect training ground to enable the achievement of these huge goals, it’s not an accident that the elite British force, the Royal Marines, train there!

Perhaps the most famous explorer of all time Ranulph Fiennes honed his fitness on the North Devon hills of Exmoor. The same place I began my obsession with pushing further and further.

Exactly One year to the day before I set off on my Hard Way Round expedition, a couple of fellow Devonians, David and Katherine Lowrie, stood on the southern-most tip of the Americas. Their aim was to run the length of the whole of South America in one year and their goal was to promote conservation issues within South American habitats which affect every one of us.

You can find out more about their incredible expedition, 5000 mile project, here and you can help them bump their total fundraising here.

Once again congratulations guys, it’s been an amazing and inspiring journey to follow.

Katherine and David will soon hold the world record for the first couple to run the length of the South Americas!

…There’s something in those Devon hills!

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